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      My name is Mary.I created this site mostly for fun.I would also like to share my world with interested parties.My world includes creating a mixed variety of art works, writing poetry, singing,dancing and creating computer generated works such as greeting cards,labels,posters,etc. I hardly ever buy greeting cards.I like to work with graphics and create files from different software.Being a toolbelt diva is also an interest. Love those power tools! I have an interest in photography even though I have never had any training.In fact, I have never had any training in any of my fields of interests.I am a well blessed, self taught artist and do-it -your selfer.

I have a passion for working with young children. I like to teach them things that I have learned and I like to allow them to be able to express themselves through visual art. I have enjoyed working with my grandchildren and a few other kids in the last few years. They inspire me to want to learn more and share more. I have shared some of their works on this site. I have an art studio in my basement but it is overcrowded with storage, supplies and art. I NEED A BIGGER SPACE! HELP! lol.

       Another big interest for me is "Ebay'".I have been affiliated with Ebay for over 10 years.I have purchased many items as well as sold many, many items here. I sell almost anything that I think someone will buy.I have made a lot of money on ebay and I have spent a lot, too.I love to go to auctions, estate sales, flea markets and yard sales. Sometimes you can find real treasures.For the last few years i have been selling mosaic tiles which I generate mostly from cutting up china plates.I also create works of art from these pieces and sell a few.Most of them I end up giving as gifts or mementos.I have quite a collection of plates and quite a number of pieces I have cut up.I am currently working on three projects.I will be adding more of my pieces to this site.  

If you are interested in any of my pieces you can email me and perhaps I can create a similar work for you or something different.Also, please check out my ebay selling page.You just might find something of interest. Click on 'MY EBAY" on the left. I will be selling on "Etsy" alo.

I did my first show and sell in Nov.2012 in Vinton and my second one in Danville in Dec.2012. I did not make a lot of money but it was a wonderful experience and I met a lot of womderful people.
I look forward to doing it again but not this year.
I am having art sessions in my studio in Oct.2013 with four Inner City basketball girls.

On this site, you will also find some of my poetry.I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl.I have added graphics and art work to my poems to make them more appealing.If you can't read them click on the poem and it should be enlarged.
This piece is made from a wooden butterfly that is attached to a craft stick and covered in tiny glass beads.Created April 27, 2009. Made for Ruth Bowens. Bowens.
Stepping stone made from cement mix and river rocks.
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Buttefrflies from my yard!
" Mari- Rosa's Unique Art "
Thanks for viewing my site. I will be editing, upgrading and adding new entries soon. I have enjoyed sharing my intersts and work with you. I have enjoyed working with the children and sharing their work also. I have been very busy with other things and have not done any work recently nor have I worked with any children for a while.I relly need to get back in the groove because I miss doing what I love most!

Please keep this site on your browser and check back for updates. Please feel free to email me with any questiona about my work and  take a moment to sign my guestbook!
My herbs--2014
Yes, I am seriously thinking about doing Mobile Craft parties for kids or maybe even adults!